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Dxrek Staff application 3

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Dxrek_ $
1: IGN:Dxrek

2. Age: 16

3. Country:USA

4. Timezone: EST

5. How long have you been playing the server?:14days of playertime (see bottom of this post to see my ingame play time)

6. What contributions can you establish for the server?: i believe to see myself as a quite knowalgeable of this server as far as assisting new players with getting started, best player shops for making reilable money, a decent pickaxe to start out with etc.

7. Why should we choose you for this position rather than others?: i have experience as a FORMER server owner myself (in which i was removed as owner placed as admin and then resigned for multiple issues with where the server was heading) a former cracked player i have see most of the most toxic people you can imagine (also playing on IMC as long as i have you will see alot) which has lead me to have a thick skull and firm grasp on how rules and punishments are handled

8. Do you have experience moderating and helping other server communities?: I was a server owner myself (read above for detail) and was the owner of multiple discord communities ranging from ATG servers to proper servers

9. If you were in a situation you are not suitable to handle, what would you do?: Contact a trusted source (such as a owner,admin,mod etc) and/or a player will most likely know what to do (if they have experienced said issue themselves)

10. When do you typically play the server?: Anywhere from 4:30pm to 11:30pm i am still a full time student in high school times will vairy depending on what my family has plans for at that moment

11. How many hours a day can you dedicate to the server?: 4-5 hours on avg

12. Name three things that you know about the server. Make sure each portion is detailed thoroughly.:
Duels: On IMC we have a dedicated pvp zone but we also have a 2nd fighting system Duels! you can challenge any player at a duel with our many kits (a small example for Kits: Bow Gapple Duel Gold Kohi and many more) to enter a duel use command /duel [player] then simply select your kit and map (for example /duel Dxrek will work)

Tokens: On IMC we have a well different token system from what ive personally seen tokens can be used for mainly 2 items Swords and Pickaxes (/ts for swords and pickaxes however you can infact right-click on your pickaxe only and be brought straight to the pickaxe enchantments) a few of the player suggested enchantments are as follows: TokenFinder ( will give you 1-2 tokens per block broken) Excavation (my personal favorite) At level 1 excavation can mine a 3x3 area of any mine and plot at level 2 excavation can mine a 5x5 area of any mine and plot

Ranks (both Donnor and A-Z); the ranking system (and inturn the mines) are as follows A-Z (Z being the best) And Jester-Elder (Elder being the best) A-Z is a Member (free) mine set However you can go to the /buy or to purchase a rank (such as Jester Baron Monarch Prophet Knight And Elder) to gain a slight edge over a free player however you can still gain alot of money even as a unranked player (i was personally a baltop player at Baltop #2 then i was dethroned)

13: If Prompted, Which one would you help first and why?
Someone who was harassing a player and someone who is chat flooding: the player chat flooding due to if it is infact 2 separate players i can act upon the chat flood and then see if the harassment is on going and for what reason if it is infact the same player the same punishment will ensue as a double reasoning

14. Are you eligible to interact with other staff members on Skype & or Discord?: Yes i have a discord (Dxrek #0679) which i am very active on (both inside and outside of the official discord server) at which anytime anyone can contact me at times i maybe unable to get into a call of some sort but i will gladly text chat you

15. Does anyone recommend you? Staff and non-staff? (The Owner will NOT recommend you): yes the 3 main recommendations are from AssasinSniper [helper] AtomicWaffleMC [helper] and Hamorlinton [moderator]

16. How many warns do you have? (If you're not positive, guess): 0 (I can verify I have no punishments due to where all you have to do is type my username Dxrek )

17. What Languages do you speak? (List fluent & non): Fluently: English. Non Fluently:Swedish

18. Will you help keep the server populated and enjoyed for EVERYONE including yourself?: as for myself i have my own personal goals and challenges i set myself everyday (as of writing this application it is 3Trill before i sleep) as for others attempting to keep a clean and safe environment for other players asisting in events and any other tasks i am deemed suited for

19. Will you follow the staff rules regardless if you feel they're stupid?: to the exact letter

20. Do you agree to follow our terms & conditions?: i do

Little Side note: this is my 3rd time applying this time with MAXIMUM effort (deadpool reference) i thank you for standing most of my rambling and ranting and stories a massive thanks to Hamorlinton and AtomicWaffle for some pointers and feedback before i released it on the forums
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Posted Jan 24, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 1, 19
This application is fell written has a decent amount of detail. I enjoyed reading it, and I personally think you would be a great candidate for staff on our server. You have my vote 100% 1+
- Atomic
Posted Jan 24, 19
I like this application really much and i know you're dedicated towards the server and i think you're a good choice like the majority of the server (:

Best of luck from me - Cakey ❤️
Posted Jan 25, 19
InfernalMC Owner
Before you read what I have to say, please have in mind that I am in not trying to be mean or trying to be degrading in any way.
You are a very nice person, and I genuinely enjoy talking to you. But you're emotionally unstable. And that is something that we cant have on our staff team. I hope you don't take this personally, but I'm going to have to deny and lock the thread.
- Demon
Posted Feb 9, 19
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