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staff application

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1: IGN: VapeLordSigma

2. Age: 16

3. Country: USA

4. Timezone: pacific standard

5. How long have you been playing the server?: not very long

6. What contributions can you establish for the server?: im a hard worker that can fallow orders, im good at catching hackers im active, I know a lot about Minecraft im good at building, with commands, social skills etc.

7. Why should we choose you for this position rather than others?: because I can benefit youre server in lots of ways and im super active almost 12 hours a day and im good at talking to people im outgoing and im a good person to talk to if you have any questions or problems.

8. Do you have experience moderating and helping other server communities?: yes I am admin on some servers and I help out people even if im not staff I like to make people happy.

9. If you were in a situation you are not suitable to handle, what would you do?: I would contact a person that has the perms and the authority to help with the conflict.

10. When do you typically play the server?: afternoons to 3:30 up to 9:00+

11. How many hours a day can you dedicate to the server?: as many as you need but I do work and go to school.

12. Name three things that you know about the server. Make sure each portion is detailed thoroughly.: one of the things I know about the server is that it is a good server were people can come on and enjoy there stay. another thing I know about the server is that it is well set up and managed, the last but not least thing I know about the server is that it is full of hard working people and players that would benefit from my experience as a staff member on this beautiful server.

13: If Prompted, Which one would you help first and why?
Someone who was harassing a player and someone who is chat flooding: what I would do first is mute the person that is chat flooding and then talk to the person that is getting harassed because that is not a matter to be joking about. I take my job very serious and I will not tolerate spammers or people who verbally attack there fellow players and staff

14. Are you eligible to interact with other staff members on Skype & or Discord?: yes I have a discord that im always active on and message/ respond right away and if not instantly in a short moments notice.

15. Does anyone recommend you? Staff and non-staff? (The Owner will NOT recommend you): no nobody recommended me for staff but I promise I will do my best if you just give me a chance.

16. How many warns do you have? (If you're not positive, guess):I do not have any warns im a good person that does not get into trouble.

17. What Languages do you speak? (List fluent & non): I speak Spanish as my main language and English is my second one both fluent

18. Will you help keep the server populated and enjoyed for EVERYONE including yourself?: yes! I will help to the best of my ability to make youre server a strong and good server that will grow and become popular.

19. Will you follow the staff rules regardless if you feel they're stupid?: yes I will fallow any rules you have for me no matter what they are, I will never break a rule unless told to by a higher staff member such as the owner.

20. Do you agree to follow our terms & conditions?: yes I do

PLEASE HAVE MINIMUM 24 HOURS PLAY TIME BEFORE APPLYING AND POST A SCREENSHOT OF /playtime! I do not have 24 hours yet but I will get on that I swear, please just give me a chance I wont let you down
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 9, 19
Powerful229 Admin
Denied lack of detail. Locked, you may reapply in 14 days.
Posted Feb 9, 19
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