1: IGN:NeedNoWards

2. Age:18

3. Country:Austria

4. Timezone:UTC+1

5. How long have you been playing the server?: Mid december 2018, around the 10th.

6. What contributions can you establish for the server?: I can be a slave to the other staffs, doing everything the tell me.

7. Why should we choose you for this position rather than others?: Because im known as the russian. P.S. just between us i am not russian.

8. Do you have experience moderating and helping other server communities?: I have been a co-owner and builder on a dead server that i used to have with my school friends. Around 2014.

9. If you were in a situation you are not suitable to handle, what would you do?: Step back, calm myself down and rethink the situation(mostly takes 20 seconds) Ask for help from another staff member that are above me, that is currently online, if not ask for assistance in staff chat.

10. When do you typically play the server?: From 20:00 CET for a few hours.

11. How many hours a day can you dedicate to the server?: Minimum 3 hours a day.

12. Name three things that you know about the server. Make sure each portion is detailed thoroughly.: 1.I know that the server is online, you are able to connect to it unless there are updates going thru, and there are enough slots so you wont ever have the problem to coming on the server.
2. The server ip is Imcprison.com . For the people who somehow wonder on here and have no idea what they are doing. There is the ip so hop on now! You will have a great time.
3. Have you heard that they have a shop? Yes you can help out your favourite server even if you do not know that it is you favourite yet! Think about how you can support the server and help out the people behind it! You will feel better about it, and the shop has a lot of overpowered stuff! Check the shop out!

13: If Prompted, Which one would you help first and why?
Someone who was harassing a player and someone who is chat flooding: Chat flood, just give the punishment and say i will return to the person after im done with harrasment, would take like 30 seconds to do all that, then go deal with harrasment. And when that is done go talk with the person in a appropriate manner.

14. Are you eligible to interact with other staff members on Skype & or Discord?: I am able to interact yes.

15. Does anyone recommend you? Staff and non-staff? (The Owner will NOT recommend you): (The Owner will NOT recommend you)- is this true?

16. How many warns do you have? (If you're not positive, guess): on 2.0 0, before if i remember correctly 1.

17. What Languages do you speak? (List fluent & non): Fluent, slovenian Non: German,english

18. Will you help keep the server populated and enjoyed for EVERYONE including yourself?: Of course, i wish to spread happiness and bright up peoples days. Others joy is more important then mine.

19. Will you follow the staff rules regardless if you feel they're stupid?: Rules are rules, i will respect it if i get overruled by admins and the owners.

20. Do you agree to follow our terms & conditions?: I do not know what they are, but if i would be accepted i would read that like a 40 year old religious woman with 2 kids that goes to church every week reads a bible.[img]https://imgur.com/TcyC2zM[/img]