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Helper application - OhhTraps

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1: IGN:

2. Age:

3. Country:

4. Timezone:

5. How long have you been playing the server?:
1year+ (Since Falonmc days)

6. What contributions can you establish for the server?:
In my opinion i could contribute a lot to the InfernalMc commuinity, some big and some small. One thing is that I like to get things done,no matter how long it takes and to ensure any problems are sorted and dealt with in the best way possible. When playing InfernalMc i like to have a positive mindset and a good attitude and with this it creates a community where people are willing to listen and co operate of what is being asked. I see myself as a 'warming' person to be around for the new players and ensure they are having the best possible time and happily answer any questions they may have, this brings a lot more happier and friendly community. I am a sharp and quick person in the chat and im quick to any warnings questions and corrections, but always keep a positive attitude and polite even if the situations keeps heating. Finally i am a sociable person i dont like ignoring players no matter if its someone im close with or a brand new player, i like to treat everyone the same and keep things fair.

7. Why should we choose you for this position rather than others?:
I like to keep focusing on the chat and maintain the peace between others and taking in ideas that anyone has. Also as a staff member i strongly believe that its more about the new players and i am someone who puts others before myself and make sure everyone else is happy and not left stuck on something, also keeping people entertained and happy is something i try my best with then focus on what i need to do. Im always giving people ideas on what to do next and how to improve to better themselves and i like to spend time with players that need extra help eg; new people to the server. Some players are afraid to talk to staff because they think they would sound silly or they dont want to be judged but me no, i love to hear from the players im a very open guy who has a lot of time for people that need it and players can come to me with anything they are unsure of. Also i am a very active player and have a great amount of knowledge about the server as i have been on falonmc and infernalmc both which green had owned so im very familiar with things. Last i would like to say about why me over others is because generally i am a very positive player and i like to have a lot of fun and not just someone moody who is there to do a job i like to make the most of it.

8. Do you have experience moderating and helping other server communities?:
I have been helper and mod on 1-2 small servers. Also i have been helper and moderator on previous versions of infernal and falonmc. I was staff on here for a long period of time also.

9. If you were in a situation you are not suitable to handle, what would you do?:
I would generally try my hardest to solve the situation but if its totally out of my control i would contact a higher staff member on discord and fill them in with whats happened and get the situation sorted out.

10. When do you typically play the server?:
I play all thought the week Monday-Friday for at least 3-hours a day and on weekends Saturday and Sunday for around about 6 hours a day depending on sport activities.

11. How many hours a day can you dedicate to the server?:
3-4 hours in the week
6-8hours on and off on the weekends.

12. Name three things that you know about the server. Make sure each portion is detailed thoroughly.:
Custom enchants you right click the item u are wanting to enchant and u click the enchant u want and the price of the enchant doubles per level but for example a custom enchant there is is jackhammer which destroys a layer of the mine and for level 1 cost 450tokens and the max is lvl 50.

Also there is something called 'Auto-Miner' and this is something new and very effective and this is where you earn time by mining yourself and opening crates for miner time and once you have time and lets say u need to eat u would do /warp miner and stand in there with your pick in your hand and its mining automatically for you, however it dosnt make as much money and doing it yourself.

Also there is DailyDPs on the server at 9:30pm GMT timezone and this contains keys and banknotes and these are for players to do /warp dp and get keys to use at /warp crates or redeem banknotes for money in game and rankup or buy other things such as tokens

13: If Prompted, Which one would you help first and why?
Someone who was harassing a player and someone who is chat flooding:
Well in my eyes i see chat flood a very small issue and this can be resolved very easily with a warn, then eventually move on to the more serious issue 'harassment' and resolve this and sort any 'after blows' there are after eg; friends arguing the case. But i see harassment as more of a important issue because being harassed by another player inst nice and can make people feel unhappy and upset and thats not what i want, people should feel happy around the community

14. Are you eligible to interact with other staff members on Skype & or Discord?:
Yes i have discord and could re download skype if needed to do so.

15. Does anyone recommend you? Staff and non-staff? (The Owner will NOT recommend you):
But tbf i didnt ask around

16. How many warns do you have? (If you're not positive, guess):

17. What Languages do you speak? (List fluent & non):
Just English

18. Will you help keep the server populated and enjoyed for EVERYONE including yourself?:
Yes that is my aim, i like to keep people happy and have a positive attitude towards others and help others become the best they possibly can be and assist anywhere i am needed, here to help :)

19. Will you follow the staff rules regardless if you feel they're stupid?:
Yes, i have to accept what they are and get along with it.

20. Do you agree to follow our terms & conditions?:
Yes :)

Would just like to say to everyone who reads thank you for taking time to check this out and please feel free to give me some feedback on what u think! :p
Posted Mar 6, 19 · OP
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EU Player, Experienced Staff Member, Good dedication towards this app, dedication towards the server. This is what we need. +1

- Pancake ❤️
Posted Mar 6, 19
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This app was very well written you took time on it. From what I've seen in game your a friendly player and i think you'd make a great fit +1
Posted Mar 7, 19
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I know that you were an OG player and OG moderator and I'm glad to see that you want to be staff on the team again! I loved how thorough you were on your application, and I know you are online for the server all the time! I can definitely tell you took a lot of time to write out the application, and I totally would have recommended you. As an EU player you can be on when we EST players are not. I've never seen you toxic in my entire time on •InfernalMC• and I know you have all of the experience needed to be a staff member like Helper or Moderator so I give this application a +1. I wish you the best of luck!

Your friend,
ramenNOOBles ♥
Posted Mar 7, 19 · Last edited Mar 7, 19
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