All warnings that are bold will be issued a single verbal warning before warns.

- Spam | Repeating the same message 3+ times in the chat with in a certain period of time.

- Message Spam | Sending 3+ of the same message to yourself or a player with in a certain period of time.

- Pay Spam | Spamming a player 3+ times using the /Pay command with in a certain period of time.

- Character Spam | Using 14+ of the same or alternating characters in the same message.

- Chat Flood | Sending 5+ different messages in chat with in a certain period of time.

- Harassment | Sexually harassing, or generally disrespecting or degrading other players.

- Links | Absolutely no links whatsoever in main chat. Links in /msg are fine, however.

- Provoking Spam | Encouraging players to spam in main chat, /Msg, etc...

- Racism | Making offensive racist comments or racial slurs (Jokes are permitted. But if a staff member does not perceive it as a joke, you may be punished. So joke at your own risk.)

- Nickname Abuse | Using /nick to bypass any of the rules.

- Excessive Caps | Typing the majority of a message, or using 10+ words in caps.

- Lotto Spam | Spamming the /Lotto buy command 3+ times. [use /lotto buy #]

- Impersonation | Using /nick to impersonate a staff member, youtuber or player.

- [item] Spam | Spamming the [item] command 3+ times in chat. [even if you are posting different items]

- Asking For DPs | Repeatedly nagging staff members for drop parties.

- Vending | Attempting to buy and or sell Minecraft accounts or capes through InfernalMC.

|15 Minutes | 30 Minutes | 1 Hour | 24 Hours|
You will receive a mute on your third active warning (24 hours) of any kind.

- Bypassing mute | Using /nick, /rename, /auction or an alternate account to bypass a mute.
| 1 Day |

- Blocking Sell Signs | Intentionally standing in front of sell signs to prevent players from selling.
|15 Minutes | 30 Minutes | 1 Hour | 2 Hours + Etc.|

- Abusing Glitches | Intentionally abusing glitches on the server to gain an advantage.
|1 Day | 3 Day | 1 Week | Permanent|

- Flying in PvP | Flying through pvp zones.
|1 Day | 3 Day | 1 Week | Permanent|

- Constant toxicity | Continuously breaking the rules and intentionally being a toxic and unpleasant member of the community.
|1 Day | 1 Week | Permanent|

- Hacked Client | Using [or joining the server with] a hacked client.
|Permanent Ban|

- Threats | Threatening to ddos, dox, harm or hack the server or it's players.
|Permanent Ban|

- Ads | Advertising the IP, Teamspeak, Discord, website of another server, or any other service or community.
|Permanent Ban|

- Ban Evasion | Using an alternative account to bypass a ban.
|Permanent Ban|

- Personal Info | Releasing the personal information of another player without their consent.
|Permanent Ban|

- IRL Scamming | Scamming during IRL deals.
|Permanent Ban|

- WDL | Attempting to connect to the server using World Downloader.
|Permanent Ban|

- Chargeback | Charging back on your donation to the server.
This is against our Terms Of Service and does NOT guarantee a refund.
|Permanent Ban|

Special punishments may be given!
If you believe you have been wrongfully punished or that a staff
member has abused, please report them on the
discord in the #report-players channel.