InfernalMC Owner posted Nov 19, 18


Hey everyone, Infernal has recent gone under a reset! What have we changed?

- Mines have changed, we have changed about 80% of the mines as you will be able to tell by making your way through the server! Token blocks have been added and sizes of mines increated!

- Bug Fixes, we have fixed the old bugged out mess Infernal use to be and turned it into something else. You still get that OG infernal 1.0 feel but without the messiness of it.

- Vote rewards, Voting is something that use to be useless on Infernal as the rewards were really bad. We've buffed the rewards so much that it's next to game breaking! You get +15 tokens and +9 vote keys PER VOTE!  

Thanks guys for reading this quick update, leave any questions below, and see you on the server!